Edit multiple JSON files at once
See and edit all your translations in one place. Compare translations for different languages. Find missing translations.
React + react-intl
BabelEdit directly supports react-intl and automated translation extraction with babel-plugin-react-intl.
Angular + ngx-translate
BabelEdit supports ngx-translate and automated extraction with ngx-translate-extract.
Simple translation workflow
Export and import your translations to/from csv files in case your translators prefer using their own translation tools.
Display only translations that have not yet been translated or are not yet approved.
Fair pricing model
Affordable price. Buy BabelEdit once and use it forever. Free updates included for 1 year. No subscription.
Add comments to give more context to the translator. E.g. which button the text is used for.
Customizable view
See your translation ids as list or tree, filter items to only see the translations you are currently working on.
Windows, Mac & Linux
BabelEdit works on all major desktop operating systems: Windows, MacOS or Linux (Ubuntu).